“Natalie is a bright visionary that truly gives us hope for our future generations of young conscious beings. Mindful, young adults like Natalie can make our future a more peaceful paradigm! It was truly a treasured moment in time filming with Natalie.” 

Visionary Organics, documentary filmmaker, Shay Motion

Natalie Asatryan is a 14-year-old certified yoga teacher which makes her the youngest certified female yoga teacher in America. Natalie proves there is no age limit for pursuing your dreams and using your gifts to make the world a better place. She is often quoted saying “There is no age limit for changing the world.” She developed a passion for yoga at the young age of 5, and within a few years of studying yoga, she knew she had to share it with others. At only 9, Natalie and her mom set out to find a program that would help make her dream of teaching yoga a reality; however, finding a program that would accept her at such a young age was challenging. After searching for 3 years, Natalie found a yoga school and completed a rigorous 200-hour curriculum with several adults. At only 12 years old, Natalie became the youngest female yoga instructor in America and is also a member of Yoga Alliance. 


Multi-talented and incredibly articulate Natalie combines her creative passions to inspire a new paradigm of intellectually active, spiritual children and teenagers. She's using the power of yoga and mindfulness to create positive change in the world.


Natalie loves to give back to impoverished communities. She teaches donation-based yoga classes throughout the country, and all of the proceeds from her classes go to various charities. Within just over a year of teaching yoga, Natalie has raised thousands of dollars to support the Red Cross, Red Nose Day and the Unstoppable Foundation, a non-profit that she holds dear to her heart. Through her partnership with the Unstoppable Foundation, Natalie is helping a village in Kenya build a school and get access to education, nutritious food, clean water, sanitation and healthcare.  Locally she serves her community, bringing lunch to the  Fire Department after they rescued her town from recent wildfires.


Natalie was recently awarded a Global Youth Award by Round Table Global for Education Innovation – Demonstration of Leadership for her philanthropic work.


 Natalie has a deep appreciation for the ancient wisdom of yoga and is a yoga student for life. Her favorite yoga pose is lotus because that's how she often meditates and escapes from the entire world. Natalie enjoys being part of the yoga community and has had the honor of learning from world-renowned yogis such as Tao Porchon-Lynch and Sri Dharma Mitra.


In addition to yoga, Natalie is passionate about empowering girls to follow their dreams and wants to inspire others to find their passions to help the world.


Natalie also enjoys singing, dancing, acting, and drawing and loves her dog, "little monkey furball," named Milo.


Natalie’s motto in life is simple: work hard, have fun and make a difference.

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