LA Yoga Magazine - Reduce Stress with 11 Yoga Practices

July 30, 2019

We’re entering the change in seasons from Summer Vacay (hours of binging Netflix Originals, poolside days, and mid-week beach escapes) to Back to School or Back to Work. Just thinking about schedules, test-taking, studying, homework, exams, and added responsibilities may be stressing you out. I find that the tools of yoga and meditation can be most important practices to reduce stress and enjoy success. 

LA Yoga Magazine - How to Cultivate Emotional Self-Control

May 28, 2019

​Just like it sounds, self-control is the ability to be disciplined and to control one’s self, one’s emotions, or one’s behavior, especially in challenging situations. My interest in self-control is related to how much I enjoy studying the mind—in my yoga teacher training and in my ongoing study.

NBC 4 - Youngest Female Yoga Instructor in The Country

May 16, 2019

We’ve got the youngest female yoga instructor in the country – Natalie Asatryan! She’s traveling the country giving classes for free… to help children in need for Red Nose Day. 

LA TIMES - Young yogi to lead class at Crescenta-Cañada YMCA as part of Red Nose Day campaign

May 16, 2019

After earning her yoga instruction certification at age 12, area resident Natalie Asatryan has taught classes to people of all ages and raised funds for several worthy causes. On Sunday, May 19th, the 14-year-old will lead a class at the Crescenta-Cañada YMCA.

MSN - Teen yogi changing the world

February 28, 2019

13-year-old Natalie Asatryan is the youngest certified female yoga teacher in the United States. She teaches people of all ages how to do yoga and donates the money from her classes to several charities.

The TODAY Show - Youngest female yoga instructor in America uses practice to give back

January 10, 2019

Natalie makes a guest appearance on the Today Show, watch the video! 

KTLA 5 - America's Youngest Female Yoga Teacher Natalie Asatryan on How she's Changing the World

December 26, 2018

Natalie makes a guest appearance on KTLA 5, watch the video! 

13-Year-Old Certified Yoga Teacher, Natalie Asatryan, Shows Yoga Is For Everyone

October 24, 2018

When one thinks of yoga, a young, fit person holding a head stand pose may come to mind. Contrary to that vision, yoga can be for all ages and fitness levels. Natalie Asatryan, America’s youngest certified female yoga instructor, proves that to be true.

Global Youth Awards 2018 l Natalie Asatryan Acceptance Speech

October 27, 2018

Natalie Asatryan received an International Youth Award from Roundtable Global for EDUCATION INNOVATION - DEMONSTRATION OF LEADERSHIP.

Good Morning Lala Land - Natalie Asatryan Guest for Transformational Tuesday Show - Full Live Stream Show

October 16, 2018

Natalie makes a guest appearance on Goodmorning Lala Land for their Transformational Tuesday Show, watch the video! 

Good Morning Lala Land - Interview with Natalie Asatryan

October 16, 2018

Natalie makes a guest appearance on Goodmorning Lala Land for their Transformational Tuesday Show, watch the interview! 

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